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One children's facility in the Rio Grande Valley is making a difference for special needs students amid pandemic.

The RGV Kidz Place in Edinburg is one of two special care facilities that provides prescribed pediatric extended care for children in the Rio Grande Valley.

Sylvia Garza, a nurse practitioner and mother of two said she has used the center for the past three months to help care for her daughter who is a special needs student.

"It's a very tough decision to decide to leave your little ones in a place and right now particularly with everything that is happening, you have to be careful about their health but also be mindful that you need to work to keep everything afloat at home," Garza said.

Jo Ann Alvarez, an administrator at RGV Kidz Place said the pandemic has affected the way the center works and although they have the ability to allow more children inside, they chose to keep the number low.

Watch the video for the full story.

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